Letter to Editor: Ordinance could boost economy

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In the Aug. 23 edition of the Placer Herald, I wrote about historic preservation and outlined several benefits to the community. One of the most important benefits of having a local Historic Preservation Ordinance would be the boost to the local economy by providing jobs along with a tax base. A perfect example of this is seen at High Hand Nursery in Loomis where Scott Paris, owner of High Hand Nursery and Conservatory, was recently honored by the Placer County Economic Board for his contributions to the community. Paris was able to save the historic Loomis Fruit Sheds by turning them into a regional oasis that attracts hundreds of people daily. The fruit sheds are a symbol of the community’s character as they connect the past with the present. This successful business venture that connects the past with the present has been recognized for being one of the top 25 sales tax revenue-generating businesses in town and the 62 jobs provided stimulate the local economy in numerous ways. High Hand also serves as the focal point for the downtown business district. Isn’t this what Rocklin wants? The Big Gun Quarry (AKA: California Granite Company), which was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places, provides the canvas on which this picture can be painted! Several other historic properties exist in Rocklin and they, too, could provide additional blank canvasses on which to paint a bright financial future. Adopting a historic preservation ordinance is the first step in making this dream a reality, but we need to have supportive City Council members to make it happen. Will our new City Council members be supportive? Let’s vote for one who is supportive of historic preservation! Carol Ellis, Rocklin