Letter to editor: Politicians not helping

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Social Security is going broke and our politicians are making it worse. Social Security checks are paid through a payroll tax — the same payroll tax that has been cut by our politicians! One side wants to “pay for” the reduced tax with more taxes on the rich. The other side claims they would settle for a freeze in federal worker’s pay, an increase in the federal fees required to insure loans and a deadline to make a decision on the XL Pipeline. To pay for a one year extension of the reduced payroll tax President Obama would like to tax the “rich” for 10 years! Who would trade $80 per month for 12 months in exchange for 120 months of taxes? How does freezing federal workers’ salaries pay for Social Security? “Son, I know you want to go to college so I am going to delay buying a new car for the next four years. Please pay your tuition with that…..” Really? Federal fees to insure home loans will not go to pay for Social Security. Freddie and Fanny are receiving billions of our tax money this year to stay afloat. The pipeline deadline deal has nothing to do with paying for the loss to Social Security,. At least, if it’s built, all those construction workers will be paying their payroll taxes, albeit a reduced amount, to Social Security. Please save me from my politicians! Dan Allward, Rocklin