Letter to Editor: Relay for Life just a distraction

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Cancer is horrible. I absolutely agree it needs to be stopped. But Relay for Life won’t stop it. No matter how many miles you travel or how much money you raise. Why? Because it doesn’t attack the actual problem: where cancer comes from. If we want to stop cancer, we have to collectively stop doing the things that cause it. And that means, we have to stop everything that is counter to living in harmony with the natural world. If you put Canadian tar sands oil into your car to drive to the relay (we all do now); if you use hydro-dam or coal electricity (we all do) for your coffee pot or a quick stop at Starbucks; if you use a disposable plastic water bottle to hydrate; if you tie on a pair of Nikes; if you have a power bar wrapped in plastic; if you use natural gas for your hot shower after the event, you are not stopping cancer. I want cancer to go away, too. But it won’t as long as there is profit in giving it to us and we play along. We have to fight what and who is causing it and come to terms with the fact that unless we do, everything else is just putting a Band-Aid on a tumor. Karen Enger, Rocklin