Letter to editor: Revenue sharing needs to go

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With the exception of Duran and Montgomery, why is it that current and ex-supervisors don’t get it that public money is just that: public -- not to be used for “private” feel-good causes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “favorite” foundation, a blind trust, or any other type of private organization. Our public tax dollars should go to public uses only and not be siphoned off for private uses. The minute that money is privatized, the opportunity for corruption and misspending increases exponentially. No one audits the spending of our tax dollars once the private organization mixes it in with their other funds. Any argument that tries to support revenue sharing because the tax-dollar gift is “so small” is flawed. If it’s such a small amount, then dig into personal wallets and keep mitts off tax dollars for private gifts. Some private organizations that received Placer County money have assets or budgets of over $1 million. That’s even more reason to not give our tax dollars, no matter what the amount, to those who don’t need it -- unless that makes it easier to ask for political campaign donations. Placer County needs to end revenue sharing permanently. Matt Marin, Newcastle Editor’s Note: The revenue sharing funds given to each of the County Supervisors are designated for non-profit and community-based organizations, not private businesses.