Letter to Editor: Rocklin not exactly tree friendly

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All around the city of Rocklin we see signs that tout our city as “Tree City USA,” but the actions of our council are far from tree-friendly. Hundreds of mature oaks were recently clear cut to make way for a Kohl’s strip mall. Our city council has approved the cutting down of more than 7,400 oaks within Clover Valley if that development is ever to go forward. Now our city has an opportunity to use funds earmarked to preserve trees and refuses to do so. An eight-acre parcel containing hundreds of oaks (corner of Sierra College Boulevard and Rocklin Road) is being foreclosed upon, and the reserve price at the auction is $695,000. Surely the city could make a deal for even less, especially in this dreadful economy with land values down. Our city has $1,428,000 in the Rocklin Tree Preservation Fund. These are fees that have been collected for the very purpose of replacing trees that were lost through previous developmentsA. These fees are allocated for the purpose of preserving existing trees within the city through the purchase of land. The purchase of this property, filled with hundreds of oaks and adjacent to a riparian corridor, is a perfect use of these funds. Allowing another empty strip mall to be built on this property, and clear cutting even more trees, would be extremely shortsighted on the part of the city. Will Rocklin step up and do the right thing? Kristy Lewis, Rocklin