Letter to editor: Rocklin teams commended

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I had the distinct privilege of watching the Tri-City 11 Year-Old All-Star team compete against the San Ramon All-Stars in the Division 2 NoCal State Championships in Folsom this past week and I felt compelled to write a letter commending the performance of this team. While the team was very talented and well-coached, what really stood out to me (and the rest of the San Ramon fans) was the tremendous sportsmanship and class exhibited by this exceptional group of young men. Prior to the start of the game, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Tri-City team approach our bench and, in a touching gesture, invite our players to join them on a field for a pre-game prayer. During the game, the Tri-City team was the epitome of sportsmanship, even to the extent of providing “high fives” to one of our players who had just hit a home run to break a 1-1 tie. Finally, despite suffering a disappointing loss, the team showed their appreciation of the positive support they received throughout the game by providing an ovation to the fans in the stands. The behaviors demonstrated by the Tri-City All-Stars are, unfortunately, rarely seen in youth baseball, but are the personification of Little League values, which place character and integrity ahead of the results of a game. This team of players and coaches should be very proud of not only their success on the field, but more importantly, for being the tremendous ambassadors of goodwill and sportsmanship to other young people. The example they set will not soon be forgotten and, I hope, will be carried on by other teams that have the good fortune to witness it. The players and coaches of this team are to be commended and I hope their communities are proud of the fine quality of young men they have representing them. Darren Funkhouser, Danville