Letter to Editor: Roundabouts or just runaround?

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I suspect that our Rocklin City Council is as misguided as their political counterparts in Washington and in Sacramento. Somehow they have decided that we need a bunch of roundabouts on Rocklin Road. I wonder how that idea originated. I have tried to drive through the roundabouts in England. They are as confusing as trying to drive on the wrong side of the road. The current economy of Rocklin is not much different than that of most of the state of California. Do the City Council members understand that California is broke? We have been informed that, although the money for this construction is not available, our City Council plans to go ahead with the project anyway. I remember this was once called, “Pie in the sky”. They seem mesmerized by the fascination of spending money we don’t have. (Just like Washington). Some on the council are dreaming of expensive landscaping. Also, the Council doesn’t dwell on the fact that eventually we taxpayers will pay for their dream. In my old age, I don’t get around much anymore. However, I believe that I can point to dozens of much needed road improvements in Rocklin and in the county, which would be more cost effective and might even save some lives. I stand ready to back up my claims. There are better ways to spend the money we don’t have! Frank Little, Rocklin