Letter to Editor: Stop cutting down oak trees

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I am writing to voice my concern and dismay over the proposed clear cutting of a valuable parcel of land near Sierra College Boulevard. Why would the city of Rocklin brandish their chain saws and earth movers to destroy a beautiful stand of old growth oaks?  Isn?t Rocklin designated by a national magazine, Family Circle, no less, as the city of trees? Further, I would like to state my support for using Rocklin?s substantial mitigation funds to purchase this parcel outright.  The parcel is listed at a reserve price of $695,000; it is my understanding the city?s mitigation funds are in excess of a million dollars. This is easy math in my book.  Using these funds to purchase the land provides a bonus ?remainder?? with the realization that Rocklin stands for something besides overextended development. Look at the current number of retail vacancies in this city.  What an appalling reality in this time of national economic uncertainty. Mr. Mayor, council members, et al, don?t chop down the trees!  It takes a very long time to develop a mature oak tree.  It takes only a few hours to destroy them.  With either action, the legacy for this council will last an eternity.. Allison Miller, rocklin