Letter to Editor: Story was inaccurate

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When I contacted the Placer Herald about my grandson, Kyle Martin, having hit a ball over the fence at Twin Oaks Junior Field, my intention was it would be a local ?human interest? story. When both teams, along with spectators, stand and cheer when a ball is hit over the fence, this is a big deal! The fact that I gave him $20 was irrelevant. Much to my embarrassment, the article was about ?grandparents? and ?money.? It was also written in a ?mean spirited mode? with ?digs? being done throughout. When I was contacted by the sports editor, I told him Kyle?s other grandmother had also given him $20 for his hit, making a total of $40. Again, this wasn?t intended to be about the money, but since that?s how it was written, the total he received should be correct. Kyle comes from a background of ballplayers. Both of his grandfathers played or coached baseball for years; his father played ball in Little League and college; and from infancy Kyle attended Rocklin Little League games on which his brother and sister played. Yes, Kyle plays for the love of the least something was correct in the article! Crystal Krohnert, Rocklin