Letter to editor: Students did act resonsibly

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I am writing in response to Chuck Parisi’s letter to the editor (Herald, Dec. 15). In your letter, Mr. Parisi, you mentioned that the issue of an unreliable computer network is “embarrassingly trivial.” Imagine back to when you were in school and how difficult it would have been to research your studies if you arrived at the library to realize the Dewey Decimal System was unavailable. It would have made your task very cumbersome and difficult. The internet, through the school’s unreliable network, is how students research and complete their homework. I imagine this issue may also affect teachers as they probably utilize the same unreliable system to post grades and communicate with parents and students. You also mentioned in your letter that students should “be learning about ‘self reliance.’” I don’t understand what point you are trying to make here. Did these students run to their parents to fight their fight? Did they back down and accept the administration’s excuses? I believe this self-reliant group organized themselves and addressed the administration in a reasonable and non-threatening fashion. I applaud the students for their behavior and believe others in Rocklin with the “spirit of the entrepreneur” as you stated, would too. In closing, I’d suggest that you, Mr. Parisi, apologize to Ms. Sanchez, who you called out in your article. Perhaps she would be generous and forgiving enough to sit with you and show you how the leaders of tomorrow learn today. Steve Wall, Rocklin