Letter to Editor: Thanks for great article

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I wanted you to know how much your feature article on the Heritage Trail Days (Herald, Aug. 4) was appreciated. This is our fourth year for this event and our history museum has seen increases in attendance every year. Our official count this year over the two-day event was 288. We receive many kind words and expressions of great interest in Rocklin from our visitors. Although we are small, we offer a great deal of information. Many of our docents are “natives” – either born here or have lived here for a lifetime or many, many years. These people are the background of our resource material. Or, as in Roy Rhukala, the remaining knowledge “in person” of our granite history – a precious treasure to us all. Our Historical Society has grown bigger and better since its beginnings. Today we are especially proud of our outreach to third-grade students who visit the museum each year. By passing along the stories of Rocklin and the lives of children many years ago, we provide a point of reflection to help build their young lives in today’s busy world. Speaking as only one member of or historical society, I know we enjoy reading about ourselves in light of the many happenings going on each and every week here in Rocklin and our surrounding communities. We sincerely thank you for providing your readers with an insight into the Heritage Trail Days and what it means to be part of Placer County’s history. Barbara Chapman, Rocklin Historical Society Docent Chairman