Letter to Editor: Why destroy last of historic sheds?

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At one time Rocklin had over 30 active quarries, but today we only have one left standing on Pacific Street — the Big Gun Quarry. Why would our city council want to destroy the last remaining granite quarry shed and with it the legacy of our city? Our city leaders had no problem spending over $1 million to build that God- awful Rocklin Road off-ramp “display” that was supposed to celebrate the history of the Rocklin granite quarries by using fake granite. Now the city council wants to take down the last remaining quarry. Where is the city’s council’s vision? It’s time for the people of Rocklin to convince our city leaders to do the right thing. The Rocklin Historical Society has experience in crying foul to a bad decision made by our council. More than eight years ago, when the city council members were ready to destroy St. Mary’s Church, the oldest building in Rocklin, the Historical Society fought to save it. The Historical Society fought to save St. Mary’s by building community support and putting pressure on the council. Because of the Historical Society’s efforts, their vision and the support of Rocklin residents, an important part of Rocklin’s history has been preserved. Once again, the Rocklin Historical Society is leading the way and questioning the decision making ability of our council. The society has a proven record of getting things done. They have provided a plan for the Big Gun Quarry, which explains how we can preserve the past and bring revenue to our city by making it a place that others want to visit and spend their tax money. I hope you will let your council member know you want them to work with the Historical Society and other community leaders to preserve the Big Gun Quarry Shed. Elaine O’Deegan, rocklin