Letter to Editor: Why streamline permit process?

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Streamlining the permit process (Herald, Sept. 15) sounds like a euphemism for keeping the public out of the participation process of change in our community. In the extreme, it allows for public officials to be pressured into allowing building projects they wouldn’t want in their own neighborhoods. Citizens need to know what’s being proposed and have a voice in the health affects and visual characteristics of projects before they become accomplished facts. Prior notice is critical. Saving money is not really the issue here. The city is caving to development interests if they allow this and I can see that this effort began with the proposed changes to the General Plan that will allow greater air pollution and clear cutting of our native trees in order to build more commercial centers in Rocklin. Before we do that, we need to fix what now exists and stands empty. Making small changes, such as the elimination of notices for garage sales and events, is minor and not critical. The city could facilitate some processes without eliminating public input on all. We need to know what is being changed, enlarged and built and we have a right to voice concern and to protest. You can’t do away with that right to save money. What we really need is some fresh vision on the council. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin