Letters: Herald applauded for human interest stories

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Kudos to The Placer Herald on what was quite possibly the greatest edition of the local paper in it's history (Wed. March 9, 2005). This edition featured several examples of humanity at its best. You highlighted people and organizations impacting the lives of literally thousands of people. More news organizations should be letting us know that disabled people have someone like Kristina Shepard in their corner. I didn't even know there was such a title as "Ms. Wheelchair California." I certainly plan on attending a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" to celebrate the legacy of artist in residence, Connie Omans. Connie brought the love of theater into my life when I performed in my first play under her direction at eight years old. The tribute to Connie was exquisite in its portrayal of this woman and her husband who have become the creative conscience of Rocklin. The Gathering Inn has become a huge part of my life as well. I've been working full time for the Gathering Inn since its opening in November. Both articles gave names and faces to people that we have ignored for far too long. Eight-year-old Alana Vieira can serve as a leader to us all. Her life-long habit of generosity should serve reminder that our work is never done. There will always be people who need our help. Whether it's homeless people in need of warm clothes or a Sierra College basketball player who lost everything in a fire; giving of yourself is the best thing you can do for someone else. Project Lazarus was another organization committed to helping the homeless get back on their feet that received recognition, and Rocklin High School students recycled cell phones to raise money to send U.S. troops calling cards is quite noteworthy. On March 9, the pages of The Placer Herald were filled with hope. The people and organizations featured are shining examples of what the human spirit is capable of when our brothers and sisters are in need. These are not "puff pieces." This news is no less hard-hitting than the murders and natural disasters reported in the news every day. Sean O'Connor, Roseville Parent likes idea of K-8 charter school I read with interest the article "Rocklin families deserve a K-8 charter school" by David Patterson (Feb. 16). My daughter is a Kindergarten student at Rocklin Academy and the Core Knowledge curriculum is a great choice for her. This curriculum was developed for students in grades K-8. I am certainly in favor of a K-8 option for Rocklin residents for many of the reasons outlined by Dr. Patterson. I am aware of the concerns of some parents regarding the placement of older students on the same campus as the younger grades, but I feel that this is actually a positive thing. From a personal viewpoint, I have seen several benefits of the use of higher grade students as study helpers for the younger grades. As an example, the sixth grade helpers in my daughter's kindergarten class act responsibly and are excellent role models for the younger children, whilst building their own self-confidence. In the few months that my daughter has been at the school, she has developed friendships with several of the sixth grade students, who have encouraged her with her reading and given her confidence in a new setting. The school also partners upper and lower grades for holiday performances and other events, further developing the family type atmosphere that I feel would be even better advanced by the inclusion of seventh and eighth grades on the same campus. Alix Arndt, Rocklin