Library to offer more than just pages of adventure, it has magic too

Local magician Crandell to put on all-ages show July 22
By: Autumn Matz, Special to The Placer Herald
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One of Rocklin’s own, magician Donny Crandell, will be performing a free show at the Rocklin Library at 11:30 a.m. on July 22. Crandell is a former high school basketball game referee and he has worked as a children’s pastor as well as a youth worker. He is currently a fifth-grade teacher and motivational speaker and uses his background with children to help shape the content of his show. His 45-minute Magical Memories show is specifically designed to work for a library audience. From his experience with children, he knows the importance of promoting reading to children and incorporates that into his show. Crandell will be performing several illusions at the library including tricks that include a floating table, multiplying sponges, balloon to dove, expanding straw and never-ending water. He has become popular at schools and at libraries, because he encourages children to engage in learning. His shows promote everything from prep for STAR testing to reading in and outside the classroom, he said. Crandell said his shows are unique because they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and because he performs a wide array of tricks not offered by every magician. “All ages relate to me and my performance,” Crandell said. “Most magicians target a certain age group or venue, but I perform for all ages and occasions. I also perform many tricks that are different from other magicians. For example, pulling a rope through my body is not performed by many magicians.” He said he enjoys performing for children because of the obvious enjoyment they receive from his shows and their reactions to his performance. “Children always laugh louder,” Crandell said. “They say unexpected things and respond in memorable ways. A great show always needs the child element in it.” Children enjoy Crandell’s shows because he uses as many volunteers from the audience as he can, he said. Having the children participate in the tricks for the show ensures that they will remember the experience. Crandell also tries to encourage children to become excited about magic by doing parts of his show in the audience; which allows for some up-close views of the tricks. He said he is looking forward to the upcoming show at the Rocklin Library because he likes performing for people from the town where he is from. “It will be great to perform for people in my own town,” he said. “Some people might say, ‘I saw you at the store or officiating my son’s basketball game or at church last Sunday.’ So, it’s always good to have a few people in the crowd who know you and love you,” Crandell said. Know and Go What: Rocklin’s magician Donny Crandell When: 11:30 a.m., July 22 Where: Rocklin Library, 5460 5th St. Info: Shari Dearing at 624-3133