Local authors to check in at Anna's Books

By: Mike Fabel, Placer Herald Correspondent
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By Mike Fabel Placer Herald Correspondent Anna’s Books is hosting the second annual “Local Authors Book Signing Day” from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 18. Not only does Anna Billings, owner and operator of Anna’s Books, have an All-Star line-up of local authors scheduled to appear, she will also be serving complementary wine and cheese. “It’s all about getting behind the people in your community any way you can,” said Billings of the author’s event. Here’s a snap shot of Anna’s All-Star line-up. “Tales of Woofie,” written and illustrated by Linda Schulman, is a children’s book that relates the story of a puppy that gets lost and then found. Stephen Unger’s “In the Footsteps of Dracula” is a personal journal and travel guide ideal for the armchair traveler. There are more than 185 pictures and descriptions of every site that is closely related to either Bram Stoker’s fictional “Count Dracula” or his real historical counterpart, Prince Vlad the Impaler. “A Dollar’s Worth,” written by Joey and Diane Chisesi, is the story of Nate Bradford, an alcoholic who cleans himself up after winning $2,500 at a nearby casino. Kay Baker, author of “Sentenced To Life,” has written a novel about Kathy Williams. The woman has fallen into temptation, ultimately overcoming challenges and finding peace and victory through a close relationship with Christ. Joe Gorman is the owner of JP Gorman, Inc. and is doing business as “High Performance Energy Solutions” in Rocklin. He is also a contract trainer for the PG&E Energy Training Center in Stockton. His book, “From Contractor to Consumer — The Truth about Heating, Air Conditioning, and Home Comfort Systems,” is a must read for anyone who owns a home, or is thinking of buying one. “My Giraffe Makes Me Laugh,” written by Marc Schmatjen, can captivate young hearts and minds with its sing-songy rhymes about 10 African beasts that come alive in a young boy’s imagination. Sheri Cockrell, CEO of Women’s Business Planning Service, is a contributing author of “Incredible Business” and “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.” These books cover business strategy, business longevity, time management amongst an array of other business related information. Joanne Lang, founder of The Personal Assistant, has put together a book, "The Personal Assistant." Her book covers topics such as marketing assistance and how to delegate effectively. Anna’s Books is located at 1150 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 155. For more information, call (916) 435-1335.