Local woman’s wood cutouts dress up yards

By: Lauren Weber, The Placer Herald
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Sometimes a career as a stay-at-home mom can lack in much-needed adult time. But Ivy Faelz of Rocklin wasn’t going to let that happen. With two young children and a desire to dabble with tools, Faelz launched Ivy’s Wood Creations in October 2007. Her home-based business began on a fluke, Faelz said, after she created wood cutout games for a fundraiser. An interest sprung from other parents and friends and her business was born. Her garage is home to her workplace now – stacks of exterior paint cans, finished creations, works-in-progress and the tool that makes it all happen: the jigsaw. Faelz begins with a solid piece of higher-grade plywood and her projector. The projector helps with taking small drawings and enlarging the image into creations, such as her popular 7-foot stork. After the image is sketched onto the wood, she cuts it out and adds color with exterior paint. For larger designs, she uses fencing stakes to station them into the ground and picture hooks for the indoor, smaller creations. Among her creations are yard art like Christmas snowmen or “snow people,” garden art such as a woman bending over while working in the yard, welcome signs and interior art such as personalized name plates for a door, hat racks and animal cutouts for children’s rooms or bathrooms. “I can custom do anything, whatever people want,” Faelz said. “I encourage people to give me new ideas.” One of her recent custom cutouts was for Faelz’s former neighbor Diane Du Pont, now of Roseville. Du Pont’s husband celebrated his 40th birthday and she was looking for something special for his party. Faelz designed a cartoon-like cutout of a 1950s car and surprised them on his birthday. “People were ranting and raving,” Du Pont said. In addition to the car, Faelz has also personalized name signs for Du Pont’s children, adding custom touches that reflect her children’s personalities. Du Pont has Ivy’s Wood Creations both in her front yard and inside her home. She first saw Faelz’s work in the creator’s front yard. “The quality and just the piece itself speak for itself,” Du Pont said of what attracted her to the art. Like Du Pont, Faelz said many of her clients see her creations in her yard or are neighbors. “A lot of my neighbors really jumped on board,” Falez said. Part of what attracted Faelz to start her business was doing something that allowed for time spent with her kids. Now, her son Benny, is one of her biggest helpers. So much so that he’s discussed with Ivy to change her business name to Ivy’s and Benny’s Wood Creations, she said. “He’s taken into what I like,” Ivy said. But her art also gives her time to herself. “I really like working with tools. I like to paint – it’s very therapeutic to me,” she said. “It just brings me back to being a whole.” What: Ivy’s Wood Creations Phone: 765-5104 Web site: Contact Lauren Weber at