Local woman tells story in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

By: Lauren Weber, The Placer Herald
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By Lauren Weber
The Placer Herald
The mysterious bond of twins is true, Vi Parsons of Rocklin said.
Parsons tells the story of a sightseeing vacation with her twin sister, Violet Moore, turned awry in her true-tale featured in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More.”
Her story, Miracle on the Mexico Border, was submitted just days before the deadline and Parsons said she received a call two days later informing her the story had been chosen for print.
Despite having written and co-authored other books on genealogy, Parsons said she was thrilled with being chosen for the book.
Parons’ and Moore’s story began five years ago sightseeing in Nogales, in southern Arizona. While looking at a statue, Parsons said she heard a piercing scream from her twin who had sliced her foot on a sprinkler head. The rest of the story chronicles the fast-paced events including asking for directions to the nearest hospital from a Spanish-speaking woman and having her twin carried to the car by a large man – both who Parsons said she considers to be angels. After some time, Moore’s foot healed, but it’s a story Parsons said she will never forget.
Parsons teaches genealogy at historical and genealogy societies throughout Northern California, including a series at the Maidu Community Center in Roseville.
Her tale featured in the book is a story about seniors, faith and twins – a combination she said is dissimilar to the traditional stories of young twins.

Q. When you decided to submit an article to the book, did Miracle on the Mexico Border immediately come to you?
A. “Yes. I just sat down at the computer and wrote it. It was fresh in my mind; it just came back to me. It was just meant to be.”

Q. What was it like once you got to the hospital for help?
A. “This doctor, when we got to the clinic, even though it was on the border … the doctor was from Los Angeles, a thin, sandy-headed, blue-eyed doctor. In his opinion, it was the best place we could have gone. I think that put a calm knowing we were getting proper medical care.”

Q. Do you think the bond between twins is real?
A. “If one is hurt or in a dangerous situation, we feel it. The most unique thing is we have never had a major argument or raised our voices.”

Q. At the end of your essay, you thank the Spanish-speaking woman and the couple in the red car that helped you. Was the story your way of thanking them?
A. “At first, I thought they were real people, but because they disappeared so quickly, this was the opportunity to thank them. Maybe someone reading this book will know these people and if they do, I just want to say thank you.”

Parsons is the author of “Jacob Dragoo and Our Susanna Bright Side” as well as co-author of “Double Take,” a book of childhood memories. For more information on the books authored by Parsons, go to