Locals on the attack at McClintock town hall

Congressman defends voting record: calls Bush a 'screw up'
By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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With protesters waving signs outside, Congressman Tom McClintock defended his voting record to a standing-room only crowd packed into the Sunset Center. “The strength of democracy is in this room,” McClintock, R-Roseville, told the crowd. Prior to the meeting, McClintock was greeted by a dozen protest signs addressing various issues. Roseville resident Glen O’Hagan waved a bright orange sign stating “no oil subsidies” at passing cars. O’Hagan and more than a dozen sign holders want McClintock to vote against tax credits for oil companies. “As far as I know he’s done nothing. He has voted in the past to support subsidies for oil,” O’Hagan said. McClintock defended his record to the crowd inside, saying it is a non-issue. “I’ve carried amendments to eliminate all of the subsidies across the board — not just oil and gas — but all of them,” McClintock said. The Congressman went on to say the country needs to invest in drilling in America, instead of long pipelines from Canada, like the proposed TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline which is expected to move oil from the Canadian Tar sands across the plain states to refineries in Texas. Lincoln resident Lee Holman agreed and said the economy should be put ahead of the environment right now. “There are plenty of oil wells here, but they won’t give the OK to drill,” Holman said. The proposed pipeline has drawn protesters to the nation’s capital and garnered hundreds of arrests in the last two weeks. Marysville resident Elizabeth Adams displayed a sign reading “Oligarchy Sucks,” a reference to a power structure led by a small number of people. “I’m here to meet other like-minded people so that we can realize that we’re not alone,” Adams said. “There are other voices than the tea party.” And the Tea Party was represented by about a dozen people wearing the trademark tea party T-shirt. Loomis resident Debbie Shores, a member of the Loomis Basin Tea Party, asked the Congressman what he’s doing for Loomis. “What are you going to do to protect my rural lifestyle,” Shores asked. McClintock responded by criticizing liberals who want everyone to live in the city. “Well, what if you don’t want to,” McClintock told Shores. “We have a belly full of this nonsense and we want the Constitution back.” Roseville resident Linda Hall joined a dozen more protesters touting the need for jobs. Hall’s sign stated simply “do your job,” a jab at the self described anti-earmark Congressman. “He’s done nothing for us. I want him to invest in infrastructure to put people back to work,” Hall said. The city of Rocklin has lobbied McClintock to try to obtain federal money for the new Whitney Ranch Parkway interchange that would connect to Highway 65. McClintock said the lobbying effort is going nowhere. “I tried to explain to them that the federal government is broke. That cupboard is bare,” McClintock said. “No earmarks for anybody.” Other residents, like Rocklin’s Paula Vargem, wanted to know why no one was jailed after the Wall Street bailout. “We never should have bailed out Wall Street,” McClintock said. “When you make a bad loan you have to eat it.” Rocklin resident Dale Anderson criticized McClintock for refusing to work with Democrats. “I blame all the obstructionism (in Congress) on you and all the Republicans,” Anderson said. McClintock defended the Republican ideals, while bashing former Republican President George W. Bush for deficit spending. “George Bush is a screw-up,” McClintock said. “Bill Clinton was the most Republican President since Ronald Reagan. Policies of this administration are making things worse, not better.” McClintock said he opposed the debt deal because of the clause that created the Congressional super committee charged with making billions of dollars in cuts. “We’re sidelining Congress for a hand picked group,” McClintock said. McClintock will hold another Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. today at the Ridge Center, 2020 Golf Course Road in north Auburn. Jon Brines/Placer Herald U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Roseville, spoke about the debt-ceiling compromise he voted against and explained why the new super committee formed to cut costs in the federal budget was unconstitutional. Concealed behind a sign, Roseville resident Glen O’Hagan stands next to his wife, Gwen, and Marysville resident Elizabeth Adams to express frustration with Congressman Tom McClintock, who hosted a Town Hall meeting in Rocklin Tuesday night. McClintock defends record amid protestors at Town Hall meeting Congressman defends Clinton, calls Bush a “screw-up”