Locals get fit out of the gym

Boot camps, crossfit and P-90X are options in the Foothills
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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With summer approaching quick many dream of lounging poolside — but the rising temperatures are also a wake-up call to get fit. Residents of the foothills are turning to unconventional workout programs to achieve their fitness fantasies. For those looking to get off the beaten treadmill trail and get fit or ripped in time for summer, local options abound. Fit Force Boot Camp Swinging sledgehammers and running with fire hoses are just a few of the drills Krista and Erik Wenz use to get their clients in shape. As the owners of Fit Force Boot Camp, this husband and wife duo from Auburn, draw upon their experience as paramedic firefighters to design boot camp workouts. Krista Wenz became a certified personal trainer in 2005 when she left the fire service. Prior to that she helped women get in shape to pass the rigorous physical agility test required to become a firefighter. Now, her mission is to help clients gain functional strength outside the confines of the gym. “Many people are intimidated by the word boot camp, but you don’t have to be in shape to come,” Wenz said. “Most people in the military aren’t in shape before boot camp, but they are after.” While many people expect her to be akin to a drill sergeant, Wenz said she prefers to create a more uplifting environment. Gene Cain of Meadow Vista started Fit Force four years ago. She said it has changed the way she views fitness. “When I started I couldn’t even do a push-up. I considered myself athletic, but all I was doing was walking and hiking,” Cain said. “I haven’t lost weight, but everything has shifted. It completely changed the way I view strength. I don’t ask for help anymore lifting things. I just feel strong enough to do it.” Cain also added that after starting fit force she took up road biking. She has since completed two century rides and biked up and down the Oregon Coast. Lindsey Yurek coaches the JV softball team at Colfax High. Yurek loved Fit Force so much that she will soon be certified to teach classes herself. “I love it. I love being outside,” Yurek said. “I love that every workout is different. The running drills I wouldn’t do on my own.” Fit Force sessions are held at parks in Auburn, Meadow Vista, Roseville and Lincoln six days a week. Rocklin Crossfit Crossfit is another workout program aimed at increasing functional strength, as well as speed, endurance and coordination. At the Rocklin Crossfit, located inside of California Family Fitness, members on the competitive crossfit team are ranked No. 1 in Northern California and fifth in the nation. Owner Gary Baron said that while people start out at all levels, the varying speed workouts, plyometrics and Olympic lifts get them in better shape than ever. He also emphasized that the group setting provides people with the encouragement they need to get through tough workouts. “It’s about controlling the body through various planes of motion,” Baron said. “It makes you faster, stronger and more explosive. You will be tougher, leaner and reduce body fat.” Jim Garvin, 44 of Roseville started crossfit four years ago. He has seen his hard work pay off on the job as a firefighter for the Sacramento City Fire Department. “It’s made me fitter than I have ever been in my life. I lifted weights my whole life for the job, but got bored just running and lifting weights,” Garvin said. “It really hit home for me on a fire on a hot, 109 (degree) Sacramento day. Guys were spread out on the lawn and I was fine and right then it clicked. None of them did crossfit at the time.” Since then Garvin has gotten more firefighters involved in crossfit. Baron said that people of all ages and levels were welcome. They have had clients as young as 6 and as old as 71 working on their fitness. Woodcreek Fit Club For those looking to get a body fit for the beach, the Woodcreek Fit Club is the spot to be Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Woodcreek social science teacher, swim and water polo coach Grant Guensler lost 30 pounds after he started the P-90X fitness and nutrition plan. That spurred him to share the program with his athletes, as well as their families. “My goal was to promote fitness so they’d have the right mentality at home with the kids,” Guensler said. Each week a new video from the beach body line, which includes P-90X and Insanity, is projected on the big screen in Woodcreek’s gymnasium. Beach Body coaches help lead the workouts and even sample beach body recovery products afterward. While the event is free to the public, any donations collected benefit Woodcreek’s athletic fund. The group has grown to over 30 people in just a few months. Anthony Hyland of Roseville attends the Woodcreek Fit Club. Hyland weighed 308 pounds before starting the P-90X plan. His doctor told him he had to lose weight or risk more health problems. So far he has lost 103 pounds and dramatically improved his health. “It changed my life. I do a lot more things with my kids,” Hyland said. “A lot of my friends are sitting at home watching professional athletes with ripped bodies instead of having one. If you really want to change your life, get out here.” Reach Sara Seyydin at ______________________________________________________ Three local ways to get fit for summer: n Fit Force Fitness, Auburn. For more information, call (916) 704-4470 or visit n Woodcreek High School Fit Club, Roseville. For more information, e-mail Grant Guensler at or visit n Rocklin Crossfit, Rocklin. For more information, call (916) 625-0121 or visit