McClintock should stand on principal

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Your suggestions for Congressional Representative Tom McClintock that appeared in The Placer Herald, Dec. 11, were most interesting. What you seem to have forgotten is that federally elective officials, from the president on down, take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, not the platform of any other officer. You suggest that he not stand on principle. You imply that going along would be better. That is called compromise. You fail to comprehend that compromise is what got us in most of the situations we find ourselves in now. If Mr. McClintock chooses to stand on principle and not compromise, he will be doing the most good for the 4th District. He will be setting an example that is sorely lacking from Washington down to every city and town in this country. If he chooses to study and understand and uphold the Constitution he will not vote to bail out failed banks or automakers, because doing so would violate both the letter and spirit of the Constitution. He will work to reverse laws that violate the Constitution, eliminate agencies that carry out those laws and seek to return this country to the common sense approach that led to the writing of the Constitution. Perhaps your editors should at least read the Constitution before making any more suggestions to elected officials. Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin