Millions of words read means a shaved head

By: Kristine Guerra, Special to The Placer Herald
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Rock Creek Elementary School fifth- and sixth-grade teacher Skott Hutton now has his famous Mohawk haircut courtesy of his students. “How does it look? Is it even?” said Hutton after two of his sixth-grade students, Inna Proaopchuk and Emily Nguyen, shaved each side of his head June 2, at Rock Creek Elementary School. At the beginning of the trimester, Hutton agreed to have his head shaved into a Mohawk by the student who reads the most. “The teachers talked about having something to keep them (students) motivated,” Hutton said. With all the other school activities and preparations that the students had to do for the school year, Hutton said they wanted to do something at the end of the year that will keep the students focused on reading more. The students, who have grown fond of their teacher’s hair, then came up with the idea of shaving their teacher’s head into a Mohawk. The two students who got to shave their teacher’s head, Proaopchuk and Nguyen, both said they read more books this trimester. Nguyen read a total of about four million words and 63 books this school year. Proaopchuk read a total of about 1.4 million words and 26 books this trimester. “Everybody’s totals were raised this trimester,” said Hutton, who also said he had to ask his wife and co-teacher if he can have his head shaved. “For the most part, they all excelled academically,” said sixth-grade teacher Michelle Hutton. “Two-thirds of them (students) that typically wouldn’t make their goals, made their goal.”