Moms raise funds for train table at library

By: Gloria Beverage, Placer Herald Editor
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At age 3-1/2, Ty Berryman is a train fanatic. His fascination with trains has grown as he watched the trains entering and exiting the Sierra Pine facility on Pacific Street as well as the freight trains moving down the tracks in their neighborhood, explained his father, Dan. ?We?re in the neighborhood off Pacific close to Loomis ? right in the Y between two different rail lines,? he continued. ?Some of the engineers know Ty and wave at him. He?s made a connection (with them).? As with most young train lovers, Ty has acquired a sizeable collection of Thomas & Friends trains, tracks and buildings. As the collection grew, Dan and his wife, Traecy, looked for ways to make the toys accessible and yet easy for a pre-schooler to put away when he?s finished playing. ?I wanted something that looked nice and that complimented our existing dcor,? he said. ?But it had to be functional enough for him to play on it.? Dan, who describes himself as a ?typical man with a table saw,? cut a piece of plywood, added an edging to prevent the trains from rolling off and placed it on top of a coffee table. After a coat of paint, he and Ty positioned the track and buildings. He admits the layout has undergone some renovations, but it has survived hours of play. An active member of the Rocklin Moms Club South, Traecy knows there are other children equally fascinated with trains. Her proposal for a child-friendly wooden train play table to place in the children?s area at the Rocklin Library was enthusiastically accepted by the Moms Club as well as the librarian. Under Traecy?s leadership, the group has been fundraising and collecting gently used train sets since March. Their next fundraiser will be held from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22 at Mimi?s, 1104 Galleria Blvd. In Roseville. Fifteen percent of meals served during that time will be donated to train table project. Go to to download the coupon/flier to present the server on Tuesday. ?We are also seeking donations of any wooden trains, tracks and buildings,? said Traecy. ?All brands are great ? Thomas & Friends, Brio, Chuggington, Ikea. Monetary donations are also accepted.? And they are hoping for the donation of a sheet of stain grade oak plywood and molding for the top as well as six oak coffee table legs that will coordinate with the dcor of the library. For more information, call Traecy Berryman at (916) 214-8911.