Move downtown to high traffic area

Reader Input
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Someone once said, “The definition of insanity is to continue to do something over and over and expect different results.” Our Rocklin City Council candidates still talk about, “revitalizing downtown Rocklin;” Pacific Street between Rocklin Road and Midas Avenue. For 25 years, that has been a constant theme of our council and all we have to show for it are purple lampposts, granite surrounded drinking fountains and empty storefronts. New businesses will establish themselves where the taxes are low, the rent is cheap and customer traffic will draw potential shoppers. Right now, those high traffic areas are on Granite Drive, or Sunset Boulevard, not Pacific Street. Let’s have an official ceremony that moves our “downtown” to Granite Drive or to Sunset Boulevard and stop spending time and money on a futile search to resurrect the old downtown. Our city council should spend their efforts on what should be our real goal; to attract new business’ to anywhere in Rocklin they wish to plant themselves. Denis Golemis, Rocklin