Much has changed in the past 28 years

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When my family and I moved to Rocklin the following conditions existed. An-telope Creek and Old Town flooded every winter. Roads were poor, streetscape and sidewalks were non-existent, or limited only to the newest neighborhoods. Downtown was a mess. Our kids were bussed to Roseville High School. None of the many fine neighborhoods in the eastern and western part of the city were built. A much smaller Johnson-Springview Park and Memorial Park were the only ones in place. There were no public tennis courts, Frisbee golf, skateboard facility, swimming pool or neighborhood parks. There was no library or large community facility at all. The chamber of commerce was so small it met in one of the few restaurants. The annual Jubilee had long before fallen by the wayside. Twenty-eight years, and 43,000 residents later much has changed. Flooding has been eliminated. Old Town has new streets and sidewalks almost everywhere. The city is nearly built out, with large well- planned neighborhoods throughout. City service levels are high, three fire stations and a new police station are in place and Rocklin is safe. A library and two community centers now serve the public. A new train station has been built and Granite Drive developed. A new interchange at I-80 and Sierra College Boulevard is about to be finished. Its completion promises more revenues for the city, and more choice for its citizens. Two high schools have been built and the city school system is held in high regard. Our parks and recreation system is envied by many. All of this is change I can believe in. Now these positive changes did not occur by accident. It was the work of citizens and an excellent city staff led by a very dedicated city council. Part of our incumbent city council(Peter Hill, George Magnusen and Brett Storey)are up for re-election. They have brought change I can believe in. Vote for them in November. Jerry Mitchell, Rocklin