A new home for Rocklin church

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"That's why they call it Rocklin!" exclaimed Bishop Barry Beisner as he wielded a golden spade and struggled to lift a shovel full of cobble, marking the site of the altar of St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church's first building.

The Blessing of the Grounds rite took place Saturday, Jan. 19, on the church's property at 1800 Wildcat Blvd., adjacent to Maria Montessori Charter School.

As part of the ceremony, two cords were stretched diagonally across the church's area to form the Greek letter X, the symbol of the cross. A third cord was then stretched completely around four corner stakes, enclosing the church's footprint.

After the groundbreaking service, Beisner installed the Rev. Elizabeth Armstrong as rector of the church, and a reception followed.

Construction of the church is expected to start in late spring, after all permits are secured and the weather cooperates.