This newspaper is here to stay

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It has been a tough few weeks for newspapers, coming on top of a rough month and a bad year. The recent closure of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver was the end of a fierce, competitive readership war – a battle that included shared operations and penny-a-day subscriptions. Earlier the Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle announced it would try to find a buyer for the debt-mired newspaper. If it can’t be sold, the newspaper that brought us Dear Abby, Herb Caen and green sports sections will be shuttered. Hearst made the same announcement regarding the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in January. It seems like everywhere you look, newspapers are struggling financially. Philadelphia. Buffalo. Tucson. San Antonio. The list is lengthy and growing longer. No, the headlines have not been kind to the newspaper industry, not to any other industry whether it be retail, automotive, financial, grocery, high tech or even the nonprofits. We’ve not been immune to the recession here at The Placer Herald and Gold Country Media. We’ve had to make some very tough decisions. We’ve restructured through attrition, and we’ve made strategic staff reductions. We’ve tightened our newspapers to reduce newsprint and cut non-essential expenses. We’ve automated many processes and eliminated others to become more efficient. And, like all businesses, we’re paying close attention to the economic signs and adjusting our journey accordingly. But we’re not retreating, and for that we have you – our loyal readers and advertisers – to thank. Your support has been vital to us during this challenging time, and will continue to be as we all face the economic headwinds ahead. In return, we’re working overtime to be your first choice for local, community-based news and advertising. We’re headed in the right direction. Readership of The Placer Herald in print and online has never been larger, and the story is the same for our Gold Country Media newspaper group, which saw print readership grow 12 percent in 2008. We’ve made huge strides online as well. Our redesigned Web sites feature updated news throughout the day, and citizen journalists and bloggers are contributing news and views on a dramatic scale. We now have more than 9,300 registered users of our sites. Our Web site is packed full of new features, including a mapping tool to plan your home-shopping adventure. Value Vault, found at the top of, offers valuable coupons to save you money and time – two things we all need more of. In May, we’ll introduce a redesigned newspaper that will be easier and more fun to read. With our streamlined news staff, there may be times we can’t be at every community event or meeting. We’ll need your help in letting us know about things going on in your neighborhood or group, and you can always share your news, photos and events directly with readers through myRocklin on It’s really quite easy. Although no one has a crystal ball, many experts are guessing the next six months will be as turbulent as the past six. More tough decisions will be necessary. Like you, our resiliency will be tested, and we’ll do our best every day to provide the critical news and information you need. And when you read something you don’t agree with or think of a story you’d like to see us cover, let us know with a phone call or e-mail. We can be reached at 774-7955 or We also invite you to visit our Web site, The Placer Herald and generations of readers have cherished an exchange of ideas for more than 100 years, and we plan to for years to come. We need you more than ever.