No excitment in Placer County Fair

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My comment is about the Placer County Fair held June 25-28. Growing up in Roseville there was excitement in the air when everyone knew the fair was being set-up. A parade from Woodbridge Park, local businesses selling ticket books, posters on store fronts, etc. Now all you see are $$$. This year’s theme had nothing to do with the fair, No big rose gardens, No big train exhibits. The Shark Adventure was lame. The rides for kids were broken down. They could have at least been cleaned. As for those ride operators, they were always on those cell phones and paid no mind to the kids, except when they had tickets/wristbands. I hope the Fair Association will ask the real Roseville, What has kept you coming back to the Fair? The hopes of a better fair. Ever thought of combining the Strawberry Festival and the Fair? Oops, I forgot It's all about the money. What about memories for our children...I want mine to say they too are proud to say they are the real Rosevillians. Oh one more thing. Why is the Chili cook-off open to only city employees? Naomi Foss, Roseville