No need for late-night liquor store

Letter to the editor
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I was very surprised and angered when I saw the new liquor store opening near the intersection of Sunset and Whitney boulevards. In the past, if business proposal such as a liquor store requested a business license, the city would ask the nearby neighbors if they had any concerns. Well I have a big concern! We have two gas stations that already sell beer and wine. Both close at a decent hour. This intersection is surrounded by homes and multiple housing, it’s a family area. We don’t need people coming from all parts to find an open liquor store at night, it creates a danger to the residents of this area. Is this the new operating procedure to put anything in as long as it creates tax revenue? Are you going to hire an extra police officer to patrol the area and keep it safe? I would ask that you reconsider and at least ask the residents who live in the area if they want the store located there, after all you are suppose to be representing us. Sue Self, Rocklin