No safer transportation than school bus

Letter to the editor
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For years I battled school parking lots and traffic to drive my children to school, and was thrilled when they were able to ride the Mid Placer School bus. I was happy to pay the reasonable $1 per day round trip. Now parents are in jeopardy of losing that option due to the Governor’s proposal to reduce funding for transportation by an unheard of 65 percent. Even if you don’t have kids in school, no doubt you have had to deal with traffic during school start/dismissal times. Imagine the improvements to our communities and safety if they all rode the bus. California has the lowest percentage of school bus riders in the nation due to this lack of state financial support. The yellow school bus is the largest form of public transportation in the state, it should be supported just like regional transit. The issue no one has mentioned is the safety: Check the CHP Web site for accident statistics for students in passenger vehicles and walking during the hours parents drive them to school vs school bus, the statistics are staggering. In 2005-06 for Sacramento County, CHP states there were 66 vehicle injuries including two fatalities, and 62 pedestrian injuries. School bus injuries during that same time? Zero. There is no safer method of transportation than a California school bus. Jill Gayaldo, Rocklin