Now it’s time to use that cell phone

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I would like to share an experience I had at the Safeway on Granite Drive. The checker on the express lane fainted and hit her head on the way down. The checker who was checking my groceries quickly went to her aid and was asking people to call 911. I went over to see if I could help and noticed she was out cold still. I yelled out three times for someone to call 911 and not one of the about 20 people in the lines reached for a phone or offered help in any way. Luckily the checker attending her had his cell phone on him and he had to call 911 while caring for his fellow employee. To make matters worse an older man in the express lane says loudly “lift her eyelids and check her pupils to see if she has a concussion, didn’t any of you go to High School!” What is this world coming to? I am so disgusted with people who are too busy to help others. Lori Brown, Rocklin