Old time Loomis liked live entertainment

By: Jack Morris, Special to the Loomis News
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There was a time in Loomis history when live music satisfied the town’s entertainment needs.

In 1895, the town beside the railroad tracks hosted a 20-piece marching band, complete with two sets of uniforms to match the seasons.

South of town, perhaps near Interstate 80, there was a baseball diamond and an elevated bandstand.

Townspeople gathered around the ball field to watch the local boys play teams from Auburn, Newcastle, Rocklin and even Sacramento.  It was a period when families ate out of mom’s picnic basket, men drank beer and everyone appreciated hearing the music from the bandstand.

The Loomis Cornet Band was composed of the sons of prominent farming and business families of the Loomis Basin. Many of these family’s still live in the area and some have streets named after them.

During a short drive through modern Loomis you can turn up band members’ names, such as Swetzer, Cook, Caldwell and Turner on street signs.