Ose consistent with his hate for conservatives

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Doug Ose is spinning madly away from his liberal record, and now is adopting the mantra of everyone who abandons their principles, describing himself as “the guy who gets things done.” In fact, Ose openly mocks McClintock’s record of championing conservative causes. As a member of the Republican majority in Congress, Ose and his like-minded colleagues abandoned core Republican principles to “get things done” and thereby handed control of Congress to the Democrats. Ose has been consistent on one issue over the years; he hates conservatives, and has labeled conservatives as extremists. Here’s what Ose has really done: Votes for pork barrel spending, higher taxes, billions in new spending and social security for illegal immigrants. Ose voted against traditional marriage, voted for sanctuary cities, social security for illegal aliens and voted for several egregious earmarks including money to study Asian prostitutes in San Francisco. In Contrast, Tom McClintock has opposed liberal positions and received perfect scores from the California Pro-Life Council, the National Rifle Association, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Taxpayers Association and the California Chamber of Commerce. It’s really a simple choice. Choose Tom McClintock and you know you are getting a real conservative with a track record of controlling government spending, cutting taxes and securing our border. Bill George, Granite Bay