Our officials have proven where priorities lie

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Sadly, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that the Rocklin City Council will approve the Rocklin Crossings shopping center, regardless of what anyone says. These officials have proven to us as citizens, where their priorities are. They don’t care about the negative economic impacts that a combined Wal Mart and Home Depot would have on the town of Loomis. There are at least five businesses in Loomis that would at least begin to hurt financially, and most likely go out of business. If one of the Rocklin City Council members owned one of those businesses, they would have to abstain from voting, due to conflict of interest. But if they did own one of those stores, and could vote, and knew this proposed shopping center would affect their bottom line, they would have second thoughts approving it. Many local residents are loyal customers of these businesses in Loomis and would refuse to shop at the big box stores. They believe in supporting the local economy, making sure their spent money remains here, instead of being sent off to some corporate office in another state or overseas. Let’s hope the Rocklin City Council sees the wisdom in all of this, and sets an example we can be proud of. Jack Schwab, Lincoln