Our View: Fond farewell to a sister-in-ink

By: Krissi KhoKhobashvili
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A newspaper crew becomes a family, regardless of how many miles there are in between your offices. From Folsom to Colfax, Lincoln to Auburn, Loomis to Rocklin, Gold Country Media editors have you covered – and they’ve also got each other’s backs.

I can’t possibly count the times GCM editors have helped each other out, from being a second pair of eyes on stories to filling in while we take our rare vacations.

Since I took over the Rocklin editorship in September 2012, one of the fellow editors I’ve relied on for advice, critiques and lots of good laughs has been Michelle Carl. Michelle has gone on to an exciting new venture, and she will surely be missed by the Gold Country Media team.

Until a permanent replacement for Michelle is hired, I’ll be filling her very big shoes in Roseville, while maintaining my duties in Rocklin. Don’t worry –I’ve still got you covered. Luckily for me, Roseville comes equipped with a stellar news team well prepared to step up and help me out. I’ll still be available via email,, and at (916) 774-7981. Please keep those story ideas and letters to the editor coming!

While my office may have moved for part of the week, my focus remains the same – to give readers the same quality coverage of all things Rocklin they have come to expect. It’s a focus instilled in me by my role models, of which Michelle is certainly one. Best of luck!