Our View: Her ‘pen is poison’

By: Krissi KhoKhobashvili
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I’ve been so busy lately that it was almost a surprise to open up the Auburn Journal last week and see an article about “Suite Surrender,” the latest production of Placer Community Theater.

Oh, right, I remembered. I’m in that play! You see, it has been a while, more than a year, since I last trod the boards. So when I felt the pull of the stage again, right at the same time PCT sent out an email notice for auditions, it seemed like fate.

So I auditioned, I got the role, and then I found out that this would be the most physically demanding part I’ve every played, and I once even played a dog. Dora del Rio is a 1940s gossip columnist, trying desperately to sniff out the story unfolding behind the walls of the Presidential Suite at a hotel in Palm Beach, where two dueling divas have accidentally been booked into the same room. Without giving away all the hilarity, let me just say that along the way she finds herself in increasingly zany antics that include plenty of stunts.

While Dora is everything I don’t want to be as a journalist – rude, loud, obnoxious and poorly dressed – she sure is fun to play. Described as someone who “lives for scandal,” whose “pen is poison,” Dora bounces around the hotel with an air of entitlement and no regard for privacy. I’d probably hit her, too.

So for those of you looking to see the Herald editor get beaten up (and really, who doesn’t want to see that?), come see me at the State Theater in Auburn, We’ve got shows every weekend through Feb. 9.