Our View: Impromptu quarry tour from the experts

By: Krissi KhoKhobashvili
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What happens if you stop by the museum on a rainy day to talk history with Gary Day? Well, in my case, you just might end up tramping through wet grass with Gary and Roy Ruhkala, getting a spur-of-the-moment history lesson and a tour of some of Rocklin’s historic quarries.

I see every day how much Rocklin residents care about their history, from Roy’s expertise on operating a quarry to Skip Gebel’s patience as he explained to youngsters how St. Mary’s church bell works during hands-on demonstrations at the Christmas Tree Lighting.
So it was disheartening, to say the least, to learn that the city’s latest efforts to save the museum and chapel from a state-mandated sale have been denied by the state, as they don’t fit the state’s definition of “government use.”
Government use or no, I certainly see value in Rocklin’s historic sites, even if it’s just the smile on a kid’s face as he rings the church bell or the sound of Roy’s laughter as he remembers swimming in quarries during his youth. 
You can be sure the Herald will follow the city’s continuing efforts to save these sites, and we’ll introduce you to some more interesting places via Gary Day, whose “Rocks, Rails and Ranches” column will give you an historic point of interest in Rocklin to check out each week. The series begins today, on Page A5.
I suggest you take advantage of the many historic resources available in Rocklin: Visit the museum, check out the church or take in a quarry tour. Help keep Rocklin’s history alive.