Our View: No excuses, thanks to senior role models

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Every time I catch myself lazing about on a Saturday, idly watching TV or catching a catnap, the image of a 91-year-old woman pops into my head, not unlike Pinocchio’s cricket.

In real life, my cricket is a close family friend who is far more active than I can ever hope to be. She drives, she gets her hair done every Saturday, she shops, she cooks, cans and bakes, and she can often be found helping out at social events at her neighborhood Moose Lodge.

Her husband is equally active, maintaining the homestead and vineyard even as he approaches the 90-year mark himself. It’s not unusual to stop by for a visit and find him outside, welding a water tank or working on his tractor.

Another cricket in my life is my dad, who is getting ready for retirement this year. As I lounged about last weekend, I called to ask him what he was up to. Oh, nothing, he said, just an hour hike in the Southern California sun. I made time for a workout that afternoon.

These people are an inspiration, now joined by the lively group of seniors the Gold Country Media team met as we embarked upon “Active,” a special section found inside today’s Herald. From martial arts and yoga to learning to play an instrument or even pursuing academic degrees, these Placer County residents are proving that age, truly, is just a number.