Our View: Ose in touch with the foothills'needs

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Doug Ose is the choice for Republicans voting in the June 3 primary election. Ose is well versed on local issues and pledges to work hard to help local government secure federal funding for needed projects. Small communities like Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln and others would greatly benefit from a regional wastewater-treatment plant. The federal government keeps demanding more from wastewater-treatment plants, and should return more of our own money to pay for the upgrades it demands. Ose pledges to fight for us. Interstate 80 is a vital transportation corridor that links the eastern and western United States. Federal funding must be secured to ease traffic at the Interstate 80 bottleneck in Roseville. Ose plans to fight for that funding. Construction of a Highway 65 bypass also deserves federal funding, as does the development and preservation of freshwater drinking supplies for the growing 4th District. It will take a respected consensus builder like Ose who is committed to working with local elected officials to turn these plans into construction projects. “Father Knows Best” was a popular TV series in the 1950s and might have seemed like a practical leadership style back then. But it is certainly not a leadership style that would benefit the 4th District in 2008. We need a leader who will listen to and represent us. Ose is willing to listen to ordinary taxpayers and local elected officials alike. In his previous congressional tenure he held hundreds of town hall meetings seeking public input. State Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, Ose’s main opponent, has been a key player among California conservatives for more than 20 years. He’s respected as a strict constitutionalist, a hawk on government spending and waste, and a vehement opponent of congressional earmarks that have escalated the national debt. Regionally, he supports the construction of the Auburn dam, opposes regulations that drive up the costs of wastewater treatment, and says he would fight for I-80 congestion relief on the value of merit — not earmarked funding tacked onto other federal bills. But while McClintock’s principles are noteworthy, even admirable, his lack of knowledge on local issues could set back this district for several years. Unless Congress joins en masse in outlawing earmarks, Placer County could be left high and dry when it comes to federal appropriations. There is a good reason why all five members of the Placer County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Ed Bonner, District Attorney Brad Fenocchio and a list of 100 local elected officials, including the majority of the Auburn, Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville city councils, support Ose. They believe Ose will fight for them in Congress and that he is in touch with their needs as elected officials. Partisan politics have created gridlock in our state and federal government. It is time our elected leaders worked together to unite our country by focusing on what we share in common as Americans, rather than further divide us over hot-button issues like abortion, gay rights and gun control. Rising gas prices, a floundering economy, wasteful government spending, escalating taxation, illegal immigration and the need for fresh air and drinking water are all issues that concern Democrats and Republicans. Preserving the environment, particularly the spectacular gem we have in Lake Tahoe, must be a congressional priority. During these challenging times, we need a leader who can represent and unite the entire 4th District. Out of the four seeking election on the Republican primary ballot, Doug Ose is the best choice.