Our View: Safety first when it comes to students

By: Krissi KhoKhobashvili
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As I visited the Rocklin Elementary School and Rocklin High campuses last Thursday, I had an idea for a column about how much Rocklin schools do to keep their kids safe. As I sat at my desk Friday, weeping as I read about the horror unfolding in Connecticut, I knew it was time to remind people that educators are going above and beyond every single day.

Sometimes, that means having one of those superhuman moments, and we read about a lot of them Friday. A teacher moving a full bookcase in front of a door. Another stacking desks around her children, creating a barricade and then keeping them calm while reading a book. A teacher who refused to let her children out of the bathroom until first responders had put their badges under the door and proved they had the key to get in.
But every day, our schools are keeping kids safe, all across the country. Here in Rocklin, it’s seen when those at the office make sure visitors check in and out, and call teachers to double-check that they have a visitor scheduled. It’s the ID badge every visitor wears. It’s the extra time teachers and principals take to make sure students’ parents have signed releases to have photos taken. It’s fire drills and lockdown training and having plans in place for a crisis.
I pray nothing like Sandy Hook ever happens here. And while I know nobody can predict the future, I take some comfort in knowing that Rocklin schools are doing everything they can to make sure they are prepared, and that  students feel safe.