Outgoing city manager Urrutia says goodbye

Another View
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You may think of this, my last city manager column, as my goodbye to Rocklin. Twenty-six years is a long time by any measure, but it seems like only yesterday when I first walked through the doors at the little stone building on Rocklin Road, not envisioning that it was to be my home away from home for the next quarter century. While my headquarters remained small, everything else around me grew and flourished. Today many consider Rocklin one of the Sacramento area’s premier cities. Those who live here know that they have a good thing going and seem to want to keep it that way by participating in the community and in the electoral process, which has yielded the most politically stable climate in the region. Political stability contributed enormously to Rocklin’s ability to carry out a very well conceived General Plan, which remained virtually unchanged since its adoption more than 25 years ago. The main goal of that plan was a well-balanced community with fiscal stability, sound infrastructure, good mobility, high levels of services, and effective governance. Recent awards and other accolades suggest that those goals were achieved. I was fortunate to be the chief executive officer of this very fine municipal corporation. Our board of directors, the city council, provided wise policy guidance and I surrounded myself with a very competent work force and gave them the freedom to do the work as we implemented the policy directives of our board. The city council recognized operational talent and gave us freedom to do our jobs without unwarranted interference. The relationship between the policy makers, the chief executive and the city workforce was the formula to effective local governance. The city council has, once again, shown great wisdom in selecting the new city manager. Ricky Horst brings with him considerable experience, great credentials, and a winning perspective, a combination, which will move Rocklin to the next level. City managers build on the foundation laid by their predecessors and, much as I built a strong foundation laid out by Bill Mitchell, Ricky Horst will take my work to new heights. Many have worked to make Rocklin what it is today, but the community and its institutions deserve special mention. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the Historical Society, Friends of the Library and various service clubs, our volunteers, and other involved citizens provide the foundation and, frequently, the resources that have allowed us to go the extra mile. This community sets high expectations of what its citizens want their government to deliver. Great schools, plentiful and well-maintained parks and superior community safety did not just happen. They happened because Rocklin expected it and demanded it. My parting words of advice are: Rocklin, keep up your expectations.