Parks add property value

Letter to the editor
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As a local Realtor and Rocklin native, I’ve seen our community grow and prosper over the years. While the current recession has decreased property values and increased unemployment, our community continues to be viewed as a desirable one for families looking for a new home. Something that makes Rocklin special is the network of neighborhood parks throughout the city. These parks provide great places for kids to play, have family picnics and celebrations or just to enjoy a walk in the outdoors. Thankfully, our parks have been well-maintained, which allows them to be an asset for our community and our property values. To keep this asset in good shape, voters will be asked later this month to renew an annual assessment that has been paid by Rocklin residents for the last 20 years. Importantly, this is not a tax increase. The assessment is proposed to be the same as it has been for 20 years. Watch for your mail ballot to come and vote “Yes” on Measure A. Billy Rad, Rocklin