Partisanship can’t run local government

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In a recent letter to the editor, I was characterized as supporting a “liberal” congressional candidate, who’s “out of touch with Rocklin,” to represent our District. Strange thing is, these remarks were made by Aaron Park, someone who doesn’t live in Rocklin. As a Councilmember for this wonderful city, it’s my responsibility to make informed decisions that serve first and foremost the people and best interests of Rocklin – not decisions that simply and solely serve partisan ideals. ased on my evaluation of the candidates, Doug Ose is best positioned to help our district. He is invested here as a business person. He has Congressional experience and he is the only candidate who has taken the time to talk with most of the District’s elected officials about our needs and priorities. He has earned the support of at least 80 percent of the elected officials in the district, including all five members of the Rocklin City Council and all five members of the Placer County Board of Supervisors and he is the candidate most focused on “getting things done” for us, rather than wasting energy spouting counterproductive partisan rhetoric. Partisanship and ideology alone can’t successfully run a city; a point seemingly overlooked by Mr. Park in his zealous efforts to support Tom McClintock. For me to overlook this point would be irresponsible. Without a doubt, I detest that the federal government takes so much of our money and that we, specifically northern Californians, never see our fair share come back to us. I would love to see far less federal control of our state and local governments. Rocklin desperately needs infrastructure funding, primarily for roads, to keep our communities safe. Democrats, Republicans and all stripes in between or elsewhere deserve to live in a safe and well-managed community. And local communities – partisanship aside – will best be served by Doug Ose. Scott Yuill, Rocklin City Councilmember