Pay dog license fees for local dog park

Reader Input
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Re: Dog licensing

The city of Rocklin’s animal ordinance requires that all dogs over the age of four months to be licensed with the city.

Many dog owners like to feel they are responsible citizens but don’t license their dogs or aren’t cognizant that dog licensing is an aspect of our animal’s care that is often overlooked and not understood why it is necessary.

Rocklin does not currently have a dog park or designated areas where our dogs can legally be off-leash. If the many unlicensed Rocklin canine residents were licensed, the fees from this revenue would help the city of Rocklin continue funding the services provided to residents who have dogs.

Since we are currently in talks with the city to develop a legal, off-leash dog park, it is  incumbent upon us to license our dogs.

It’s important for our canine companions to be able to be off-leash to exercise and socialize, which is crucial to their development and well-being. In addition, licensing ensures all dogs are properly vaccinated against rabies and helps reunite lost dogs with their owners. It provides proof of ownership and licensed dogs are held longer at animal shelters while attempts are made to contact their owner.

Being a responsible pet owner includes licensing as a simple and beneficial part of an animal’s care. Licensing applications can be easily downloaded from the city’s Web site at

On behalf of RRUFF — Rocklin Residents Unite for Fido.

Carol Hauser, Rocklin