Pension is ‘exorbitant’

Reader Input
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I would like to commend The Placer Herald for bringing to light the embarrassing audacity of the Rocklin City Council and their approval of an exorbitant pension for City Manager Carlos Urrutia (The Placer Herald, April 1). Have these people been hiding under a rock for the past 18 months? The country is barely emerging from a serious recession and our city is showing the signs of economic downturn in spades. What did this city manager do that could warrant such an outlandish monthly pension? I’m seeing retail vacancies on every corner and other than the impressive Amtrak station in downtown Rocklin, the rest of the main street is suffering mightily. I know several people who spend their Fridays on furlough and many public agencies took 10 percent pay cuts from the state. And Rocklin’s city manager makes out like a bandit?!?!?! It doesn’t make sense and it certainly is not sound governance. Again, thanks for your newspaper’s solid reporting. At the very least, we can have an informed citizenry. Allison Miller, Rocklin