People should exercise their right to vote

Reader Input
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It would be easy for voters in the Fourth Assembly District to skip voting in the latest of what seems like never-ending special elections. But those voting by mail in the coming weeks and those going to the polls on March 8 should exercise their right to vote to fill the seat vacated by Ted Gaines when he was elected to the State Senate. Voters have many candidates from which to choose, but one stands out – small business owner John Allard. John previously served as a legislative aide to Tim Leslie and has established a track record of public service for Roseville and all of Placer County. He is described by many as the clear choice among the candidates. John will be a conservative leader and will be able to represent the interests of the Fourth District well from the start. He has won the support of many community and business leaders who have seen his dedication and effectiveness first hand. He has widespread support from law enforcement and groups representing taxpayers. With critical issues before California’s legislature, we need someone to serve who knows what to do and how to lead on day 1 and will represent our interests well. John Allard is that candidate. Bill Halldin, Rocklin