Placer County’s Mental Health Services Act plan update comment period open

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The Mental Health Services Act is one of several initiatives in Placer County working to transform mental health services in the county. The 2012-2013 MHSA plan update is available for public comment and can be read and downloaded at For print copies, visit a Placer County Public Library or call Michele Zavoras at 787-8830 and request a copy to be mailed.

Placer County’s 2012-2013 MHSA Annual Update Plan includes information on the county’s community planning and local review process; 2010-11 Community Services and Supports; Workforce Education and Training; and Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) programs.

The plan also outlines how Placer County Health and Human Services is making strides with innovative new programs and action plans, which were developed after a lengthy community stakeholder input process. Some of these programs include the Youth and Family Support Program, Financial Incentive Program, Mental Health Career Pathway Programs and the MHSA Housing Program. All programs are detailed in the Placer County MHSA Annual Update Fiscal Year 2012-13 Update Plan at

In an ongoing effort to include community input, the public may submit comments in writing regarding the MHSA Plan by no later than 5 p.m. Nov. 16, to Michele Zavoras, Health and Human Services/Adult System of Care, 101 Cirby Hills Drive, Roseville, CA 95678; or by email to

In addition, the Placer County Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board will conduct a public hearing to receive comments on this report at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26, at Adult System of Care, 11533 C Ave., Auburn.

Placer County’s 2012- 2013 MHSA planning process included Placer County’s Systems of Care staff, various community partners and a large, active community stakeholder group known as the Campaign for Community Wellness. All planning and recommendations were either driven by or presented to Placer County’s Campaign for Community Wellness in an effort to coordinate and leverage key mental health initiatives. Ultimately the campaign strives to improve mental health care in Placer County for all people by using innovative, collaborative, culturally competent and consumer-guided approaches.

The Campaign for Community Wellness, led by a steering committee of more than 30 community members, advocates, providers, consumers and family members, seeks to serve and represent the community, especially people dealing with mental illness, either personally or through family association. Specifically, the campaign seeks to strengthen the voice of the often-unrepresented populations in the decision making around mental health policy and resource allocation.

To learn more about and participate in the Campaign for Community Wellness, the public is welcome to attend steering committee meetings that take place each month. Call Cindy Cassidy at (530) 889-6712 for meeting details.

“Our coordinated efforts have proven to be successful, as services are more effective and welcoming to those with mental illness, and more readily available,” said Richard Knecht, director of the Children’s System of Care. “The campaign, too, has helped strengthen the voice of the often-unrepresented populations in the decision making around mental health policy and resource allocation.”

For more information, call  at (530) 889-6704, or Maureen F. Bauman, director, Adult System of Care, at (530) 889-7256 for further questions.