Please clean up after your pets

Reader Input
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I applaud Carol Hauser, of Rocklin for her letter regarding dog licensing and how it benefits us all when our dogs are licensed. (Pay dog license fees for local dog park, The Placer Herald, Jan. 28). I wonder if your readers also know that a ticket can be issued for not having a bag to pick up the doggie litter. I, for one would like to see this law enforced. I would like to think that good citizens, when left to their own devices, would clean up after their pet, however it doesn’t take much observation to note that even good citizens will turn their head when Fido does his business on our sidewalks. On a recent evening, as I turned the corner toward my house my headlights shined on a dog just finishing his “business” on a neighbors lawn. The couple that was walking the dog started to walk away when they saw me looking at them and one of them walked back to the doggie litter spot and reached down with one smooth motion and walked away. I wasn’t fooled but I waited for them to walk away before I returned to the spot with flashlight in hand and saw the still steaming pile resting on my neighbor’s lawn. One neighbor went so far as to mark all of the droppings on one block of West Oaks with spray paint, which resulted in at least 30 red marks on a section of road that is less than 300 feet long! May I suggest that the Rocklin Police Department have the animal control officers work split shifts occasionally so that they can encourage the early morning and evening dog walkers to carry a bag to pick up the dog droppings with, check for dog licenses and issue citations to the folks that don’t have them (with a $10 fee if they get a license and a $150 fee if they don’t) and we will have a much cleaner city. Douglas G. Edwards Sr., Rocklin