Police conduct tri-city minor decoy probe

By: Staff Report
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The Roseville Police Department, Rocklin Police Department, and the Lincoln Police Department are working in conjunction with the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control to combat alcohol related violations in the South Placer County Area. The agencies were awarded a grant from the Alcoholic Beverage Control to conduct various types of operations in all three cities for the 08-09 Fiscal Year. Officers from the agencies work each operation together, strengthening partnerships and provided a directed enforcement approach and education opportunity for residents in South Placer County. On Oct. 16, 2008, officers from the Rocklin, Roseville and Lincoln Police Departments worked with investigators from the Alcoholic Beverage Control and conducted minor decoy operations in the cities of Rocklin and Lincoln, targeting stores who sell alcoholic beverages. The minors were truthful about their age to the employees and produced valid and accurate identification, if asked. In Rocklin, officers conducted the operation at 26 separate locations. Employees at three of the locations sold a minor alcohol and were each cited for furnishing alcohol to a person under the age of 21, a violation of 25658(a) BP. In Lincoln, officers conducted the operation at six separate locations. An employee at one location sold a minor alcohol and was cited for furnishing alcohol to a person under the age of 21. After the operation was completed, letters were sent to all of the businesses that were involved in the operation advising them about the visit and whether the store was successful or not in identifying the minor prior to selling alcoholic beverages. The operations will continue each month through June 2009. To date, a total of 366 individuals at 32 locations have been contacted. A total of 23 people were issued citations or arrested in shoulder tap operations. A total of 32 locations were visited and four store employees were cited after completing one minor decoy operation.