Police put the brakes on car burglaries at Sierra College

By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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A Rocklin Police sting set up at Sierra College nabbed a man allegedly responsible for a series of car break-ins while students were in class, police said. Beyond electronics, students were losing expensive text books right out of their parked cars. “We had a whole rash of car burglaries so we decided to concentrate our efforts and that’s when we ran into this guy,” said Rocklin Police Lt. Lon Milka. Two undercover Rocklin police officers staked out the campus’s dirt parking lot on the southeast corner of El Don Drive and Rocklin Road last week and it didn’t take long to make an arrest. Within minutes of arriving, undercover officers spotted a suspicious man looking into vehicle windows and watched him get into a black-colored Scion. “He was casing it,” Milka said. That’s when officers stopped 21-year-old Anton Derevyanchuk, of Roseville, from leaving and discovered stolen items inside his car from burglaries that occurred over the last week. “He is directly responsible for those crimes and will be booked for those charges,” Milka said. “Then we’ll see if he is possibly responsible for other car burglaries that have occurred.” Derevyanchuk was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property. Sierra College students who park their cars in the lot regularly said they are relieved Rocklin Police stopped the alleged thief. “It’s a good thing,” said second year student Justin Gines. “It will scare a lot more people that are thinking of doing the same thing that he did.” Gines said the arrest makes him think twice about leaving valuables in the car. “I do leave my stuff in the car, but now I’m not,” Gines said. Milka said if drivers need to leave things in the car, to make it hard for the criminals to find. “Make sure nobody sees what’s in your car,” Milka said. “If they can see it, it is tempting.” Milka said he hopes the rash of car burglaries will now go down, otherwise officers will be out in force again. “I think there is quite a bit of crime going on there and we’re fortunate enough to help stop it,” he said.